10 Things You Should Know: Thing 1 - Use TRID!

Welcome back to school! To kick of the semester, we'd like to remind everybody about 10 Things You Should Know About the ITS LibraryThing 1 is perhpas the most important advice we have for getting started with your research: Use TRID!

What's TRID? It's a transportation research database from TRB and ITRD, and the place to start your transportation research.  It contains journal articles, tech reports, conference proceedings, and research projects. Most of the records include links to online full-text versions. 

But what about the catalog? Well OskiCat is great for books and finding out if we physically have something (or have access to something), but for most new transportation research it is inadequate. OskiCat does not contain articles, so you'll miss out on much of the current literature. 

For example, if you search TRID for the keyword "parking pricing", you receive 1103 results.

Using the same search in OskiCat retrieves only 66 results

So if you're just getting started, use TRID.