BART Turns 40

On this day in 1972 BART started running its first train between Fremont and Oakland. On the BART Blog today is a story of one family's account of opening day. BART is also looking for riders to share their memories of the last 40 years, so stay tuned to their Pintrest board. SF Gate also looks back at BART's triumphs of the last 40 years, inlcuding some pictures from the Nixon's tour in November 1972.

For more perspective of the planning process for the BART system, there are several resources in OskiCat, including our collection of BART planning documents and the classic collection of case studies, Great Planning Disasters. You can also find lots of research on BART in TRID.

This is also a great time to revist Jake Coolidge's representation of the BART system that never was, which was based on some of the early planning documents.