Javelins Overwhelmed at the Olympics?

Class 395 Javelin

The 2012 Olympics in London are less than two months away. The torch is well on its joureny from Athens, which you can watch live. When the Transport Plan was first published in 2006, empahsis was placed on the Javelin highspeed trains as an estimated 80% of visitors would arrive by train. 6 years later on the eve of competetition, there are now concerns that the trains may be overwhelmed:

The Javelin service has been presented as a key part of the capital's transport plans since London won the right to host the games in 2005. Although the Olympic Delivery Authority insists it has "robust plans for a smooth operation", it seems that some hoping for a fast ride on the trains – which have been named after Olympians, including Tanni Grey-Thompson and Sebastian Coe – may have to travel by bus or tube.

Network Rail, which operates St Pancras station under contract to High Speed One, the station and track owners, is building queueing zones stretching into the immigration area for the Eurostar international services, in effect moving the administrative border with France to accommodate the crowds.

But Robin Gisby, director of operations for Network Rail, told the Commons transport select committee this week that the queues may be such that they will advise passengers to take alternative routes. These routes take, according to Transport for London's calculations, five or six times longer even without factoring in Olympic queues.

To help with the transport issues, Get Ahead of the Games was launched earlier this year to help keep Olympic travellers informed of the the transport sitation.