Friday Seminar - Celeste Chavis on Analyzing the Structure of Informal Transit Systems


Shuttle Bus Only

This week's Friday TRANSOC Seminar features Celeste Chavis, Ph.D. candidate, University of California, Berkeley, presenting "Analyzing the Structure of Informal Transit Systems."

Through the use of a profit-maximizing continuum approximation model, this presentation systematically analyzes the development and structure of informal transit systems as a function of the network, user, and modal characteristics.  The study examines the evening commute problem along a linear corridor where passengers with a constant trip generation rate at the CBD travel to destinations uniformly distributed along the corridor.  Informal transit drivers who are profit-maximizing will be compared against the traditional case of coordinated, government service that aims to maximize the total welfare. Policies, such as fare regulation and vehicle licensing schemes, will be presented to help rationalize informal transit service using a government-operated service as the baseline.

The seminar will be held in 534 Davis Hall on Friday, May 4, from 4:00-5:00pm. Please join us for a TRANSOC-sponsored Cookie Hour in the ITS Library, 412 McLaughlin Hall, at 3:30pm.