GPS-Based Household Travel Survey from Cincinnati


A recent TRB blurb pointed to this new study from the Ohio DOT that explores the feasibility of using small, personal GPS devices to conduct household travel surveys, and how  that data is comparable to household travel surveys conducted through questionnaires. They conclude:

The primary conclusion to be drawn from this research is that it is feasible to undertake a GPS-only household travel survey, achieving a high standard of representativeness for the sample, while imputing mode and purpose at a sufficiently accurate level to support modeling work. The high level of accuracy attained in this survey for imputing mode and purpose with 96 percent on mode and around 90 percent on activity (other than detailed breakdowns of the “other” category) is far superior to self-report surveys. The richness of the “ground-truthing” of time, location, distance, speed, and route information from this survey surpasses what can be achieved from any other form of survey.

The final report can be found here.