Friday Seminar - Mark Hickman on Inferring Transit Passenger Behavior

Bus Rider's Union on The Train

This week’s Friday TRANSOC Seminar has  Mark Hickman, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, University of Arizona, presenting “Inferring Transit Passenger Behavior.”

There are many aspects of mass transit passengers and their travel that are often difficult to observe, but which are very useful for transit service planning. These aspects include the passengers' basic travel characteristics, such as origins and destinations, time of travel, associated activities during the day, and the level of temporal and spatial access to different land uses. Traditional on-board and regional household surveys, and even newer electronic methods of observation, often have limitations on the data available for transit passengers. In this context, we explore methods that use a combination of different data sources to infer passengers' behavior. Preliminary findings, based on transit data from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, suggest some progress in understanding this behavior. However, there remain some very interesting challenges for further research.