Friday Seminar - Elizabeth Deakin on BART State of Good Repair: What It Will Take to Maintain The System

200408 bart carriage

This week's Friday TRANSOC Seminar has Elizabeth Deakin, JD, Professor, City and Regional Planning and Urban Design, University of California, Berkeley, presenting "BART State of Good Repair: What It Will Take to Maintain the System."

The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system is approaching 40 years of service, and BART is preparing for a large reinvestment program, including replacing overage vehicles and aging infrastructure to keep BART in a state of good repair (SGR).  However, some of the funding for this program is uncertain and therefore it is possible that some of the planned investment in the replacement of equipment and infrastructure will have to be deferred.  This presentation examines the levels and types of investment needed to maintain BART in a state of good repair, identifies the kinds of deterioration in BART services that are likely if less money is available for SGR than needed, evaluates how service deterioration would affect BART ridership, and assesses the consequences for the Bay Area’s transportation system, the economy, and the environment.  Stakeholder perspectives on funding for SGR also are investigated.