UC Davis Ten Things You Should Know About Transportation Research

Need help finding material in the collection? Not sure which library has what you're looking for? Here is a brief list of ten things you should know about using libraries at the UC Davis campus.
  1. The TRID database covers literature from around the world and is a great place to do subject searching on any technical or policy aspect of transportation. There are many other electronic article databases with which to find material. You should also tryGoogle Scholar.
  2. Use the Next-Generation Melvyl catalog to find books, technical reports, policy papers, conference proceedings and other material in the ITS Library and other UC Libraries, such as the Physical Sciences and Engineering Library. All of the ITS Library holdings are at UC Berkeley with the library heading "Trans".
  3. Electronic Journals allow you to access articles anywhere and spend less time at the copy machine.For specific citations,Google Scholar may be useful if you are using the UC Davis network.
  4. Most material in the ITS Library circulates, so that you may borrow it. You may request material through Next-Generation Melvyl or by contacting the ITS Library directly.
  5. You have access and privileges at the UC Davis libraries. One that might be of particular interest is the Physical Sciences and Engineering Library, especially their subject guides.
  6. For research assistance at UCD, you should contact Robert Heyer-Grey for questions regarding transportation. You are also encouraged to contact Kendra K. Levine at the ITS Library.
  7. ITS Graduate Students and researchers may request electronic copies of material directly through the library. Email us with your requests!
  8. You can connect to library and campus resources off campus with the VPN.
  9. If you need books, reports, or other material that neither UC Davis nor the ITS Library own, interlibrary loan can help. Ask for items from other UC libraries through the "Request" feature in Melvyl. For other material, use the library's Interlibrary Loan service.
  10. If you're in the Bay Area, please come by and use the library! We are open from 1pm-5pm Tuesday through Friday, and we are willing to make special arrangements for visiting ITS students. You may borrow material and access the Berkeley wireless network from the ITS Library.
Library staff looks forward to assisting you in locating information and using library materials. Call the library at 510-642-3604 or contact us directly:
Kendra K. Levine, kklevine@berkeley.edu, @tranlib